1. my body is a stray bullet. i was made from crossfire. love was her last resort. his tongue, a revolver. i come from four hundred no man’s lands.

2. ‘smell my armpit again / i miss it when you do that.’ [1]

3. his moaning is an honour song i want to world to.

4. ‘no’ is the only english word you can’t pronounce properly.

5. the condition of indigenous life is one of survivor’s guilt.

6. it is july 2016 and the creator opens up the sky to attend a #blacklivesmatter protest. there, she bumps into weesageechak and warns him that if policemen don’t stop killing black men she will flood america and it will become a lost country only grieving mothers will know how to find. this, she says, is how the world will end and be rebuilt this time.

7. haunting is a gender. gender is another word for horror story.

8. ‘i can hear him screaming for me, and i can hear him saying, ‘stop, honey help me.” [2]

9. i am still trying to figure out how to be in the world without wanting it. this, perhaps, is what it means to be native.




[1] from Lilting (2014, dir. Hong Khaou).

[2] see




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