Billy-Ray Belcourt (@BillyRayB) is from the Driftpile Cree Nation. He is a 2016 Rhodes Scholar and is reading for an M.St. in Women’s Studies at the University of Oxford and Wadham College, and his thesis is tentatively titled “Decolonial Sight: Indigenous Feminist Protest and the World-to-Come.” He holds a BA (Hons.) in Comparative Literature from the University of Alberta. Billy-Ray studies Indigenous art, literature, and film and theorizes about the anti-/ante-/ontological, queer worldings, native futures, the two valences of non-sovereignty, and ethics in a colonial present.

Billy-Ray is also a poet: named by CBC Books (à la Tracey Lindberg) as one of six Indigenous writers to watch. His work has been published in Assaracus: A Journal of Gay Poetry, Decolonization, Red Rising Magazine, mâmawi-âcimowakSAD MagYellow Medicine Review, The Malahat Review, and PRISM International.

For his regularly updated CV, click here.

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